Worship the God of the Storm

Power. Amazing power. Gusting winds, howling rains, tar soaked skies. Even the greatest of men stand humbled before the power of nature. We can't predict it. We can't control it. We can't stop it. Despite all the ingenuity of man, we still cower in fear and the fierce strength of creation. Hurricanes make us stop and realize that we are still human. Even though we think we are gods as we stroll the earth, nature reminds us that there is a power beyond our feeble bodies. Even more, nature points us to an even more forgotten a reality. There is a God that reigns over the storm. The creator rules his world with an iron scepter. With it He commands the winds to blow and authorizes lighting bolts to strike.

When we come face to face with this truth we can't help but grovel in humility and worship. The disciples experienced this. Jesus is on the boat. A storm approaches. The boat is tossed around like a toy in a tub. The disciples panic in fear, knowing there precious life will be taken in this deadly storm. But the disciples didn't realize who was in the boat with them, the God of the storm.

Jesus sees the storm and utters a command, as a general commands his army.

"Peace, be still"

The mighty winds. The pouring rains. The mighty waves. They all stop at the command of the king of all the universe. Jesus is not just the savior of the world, he is the king of the world.

What is the proper response to this Jesus? Worship. Who is this Jesus that even the wind and the waves obey him? He is God. He is King. Worship him.