The Prostitution of Idolatry

We have whorish hearts. Every human being has a sinful nature that lusts for creation rather than the creator. Rather than embracing God, the lover of our souls, we run into the arms of false lovers. The heart behind all our sin is idolatrous adultery.  Hearing that we are all spiritual prostitutes might sting a little, but sometimes the truth does. Yet the good news is that there is a relentless lover of our souls who seeks after us.

The Rebellious Whore

In the Bible the book of Hosea describes and illustrates the spiritual prostitution that comes so naturally to our hearts. Hosea 9:1 states, "Rejoice not, O Israel! Exult not like the peoples; for you have played the whore, forsaking your God. You have loved a prostitute's wages on all threshing floors." Hosea goes on to describe how the people of God whore themselves out to food, drink, and pleasure in idolatrous worship.

Not only was this the heart of Hosea's message, Hosea's life was a living illustration. His own wife Gomer continually whored herself out to other men. Hosea not only preached about the heartbreak of adultery that God experiences in our own idolatry, he lived it.

Where are Your Idols?

Where are your idols? To which lover do you whore yourself out too? Are you fully and completely devoted to God? Although many westerners think we have progressed beyond the place of worshiping gods of stone, our society is just as pagan as ever. You can just watch a commercial break on TV and identify the idols we worship.

Sex. Money. Pleasure. Drunkenness. Partying. Ease. Comfort. Security. Success. Work. Fashion. Romance.

The list can go on and on. Although our idols are no longer carved out of wood does not mean that we are not an idolatrous culture. Despite the ways we whore ourselves out to these false gods, there is a God who is a loving husband and the greatest lovers of our souls who will not be content till we find all our joy, hope, and pleasure in Him alone.

The Lover of Our Souls

The God of the Bible is the great lover of our souls. He is the broken hearted husband who wants to love and cherish His bride. He is a jealous God who is not pleased when his children bend their knees to worship fake gods. He is a God who seeks us, who pursues us, and who resiliently chases after us. He made a way to purchase our freedom from the the spiritual sex slavery in which we find ourselves.

God purchases our redemption from the chains and control these idols have over us. He did it by laying down his life for us. He is the husband who came and took on the punishment, shame, and wrath that you and I deserve. His name is Jesus and on that cross the great lover of your soul provided a way for you to find true joy, peace, and pleasure in the warmth of His glorious presence. Where those false lovers disappoint and seek to use and abuse us, God loves us unconditionally. Despite our sin and disobedience He washes us and makes us clean in Jesus Christ.

Run to the Arms of Jesus

I do not know how you stumbled across this blog, but if your reading this the great lover of your soul longs to have you for himself. Turn away from the false lovers in your life that leave you empty and unsatisfied. Run to the arms of Jesus and grab his nail pierced hands. Stop prostituting yourself out to idols and turn to your savior and place your faith in Him. The great news about God is that not matter how great our sin may be, His grace is greater still. He extends His love to all, even to whorish spiritual prostitutes like us.