Angry Christians at Christmas

Have you run across any angry Christians this Christmas season? They seem to be all over the place.  At Target.  In the Malls.  In our Churches.  Christians everywhere seem to be getting very angry about others not keeping "Christ" in Christmas.  A chill gets sent down our spine whenever we hear the cashier say "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".  It irks us.  It irritates us.  However, should we be getting angry about this?  Are our efforts misguided?

It seems to me that there is a disconnect in our American Christian Culture. We fight to keep "Christ" in Christmas and argue with our friends as we spew off cliches like "Jesus is the reason for the season" all in a hypocritical display of religious zeal. The irony of the matter is that those very Christians tend to be the ones who use Christmas to worship American consumerism rather than Christ. Does there seem to be some sort of blinding mask covering the eyes to see our own hypocrisy?

Why do we make mountains out of mole hills? Why do make a crusade out of a holiday with originally pagan origins? The Christmas holiday is by no means a Biblical requirement or a sacrament of the church, however we get more defensive about Christmas than we ever do about the proper administration of the Lord's supper or Baptism. It's not as if we read in the Gospels Jesus sitting around with his disciples around a tree, exchanging gifts to remember his birth.

In fact, I have even seen this past month Christian people become angry to unchristian people about their refusal to celebrate Christmas. There is no need to be irate and hostile to unchristian people for not keeping Christ in Christmas. How can they? They do not even know him. The greatest tragedy is that the same angry Christians who demand there right to say Merry Christmas are the same people who refuse the right to share the Gospel with a co-worker or friend. Does anyone else notice the irony? Have we lost our perspective?

Now please forgive my satirical tone, I am merely attempting to bring to light the irony.  By no means am I anti-Christmas. I love Christmas, and I can't wait to spend it with my wife and family.  I even have gifts wrapped under my tree.  However, if you are going to argue till your blue in the face to keep Christ in Christmas, don't just give lip service to Jesus this Christmas, give your entire heart and life to him. He demands and expects nothing less.