Grace When We Stumble

Failure happens.  Rather than a strong consistent walk with Christ we tend to bumble around with two left feet. We trip.  We fall.  We fail.

As we sit in our disappointment, with our scuffed knees and our broken pride, we must make a decision.  Are we going to run to God or from God?  Running away from God is our gut impulse.  It's our sinful precondition.  We try to pick ourselves up and try harder and do better all the while carrying the guilt and weight of failure on our already burdened shoulders.  We go on our way again stumbling and falling in the isolation of our own self-sufficiency.  It is a repeated cycle drowned in the lunacy of blinding pride.

Are you running away from God?  Are you carrying the burden and weight of your failures on your own strength?

As a Christian, purchased by the blood of Jesus and sealed by the Holy Spirit, we must run to God in our failures.  For some reason we forget that at the cross Jesus' subsititionary death covered our sins past, present, and future.  If God's grace is great canvas covering all the failures we do or will do, why is our gut impulse to run from him?  God's showed you mercy even though you were completely underserving.  As a result, God's love for you is unbreakable and cannot be torn away.  Our God who began a good work in you will see it through to completion.

God's unconditional love frees us to live as obedient children.  Knowing that God's love for us doesn't change despite our performance means that even in our failures we can run to Him.  We need not fear Him in our failures.  So today, stop running away from God. Run to Him.  Like a loving Father, God is there to raise you and restore you, because big brother Jesus laid down his life for you.