Attractional Ministry has a Shelf Life

Attractional ministry has a shelf life. You can only entertain for so long. Eventually you run out of ideas. Eventually you can no longer top yourself. Eventually that cool new building will become uncool and old. This is the great danger of basing your ministry on an attractional or entertainment model alone, Whether it be a church or a youth group. Eventually you can't put up anymore intel-lights or get anymore fog machines. You run out of skit ideas and have exhausted every gross youth ministry game you can think of.

The church cannot compete with the culture in entertainment. It is exhausting to even try. So many churches find themselves in a money pit of trying to keep up with the latest trends and what a magazine says they "should be doing”. Instead, we must teach our people that the Word of God alone is enough to incite God's people to worship. If what motivates your people to come to church is the show their going to watch and the laughs that will be had, you no longer have a church but a comedy club.

We must help our people see that it is the glorious truth of the Gospel that fuels and motivates our worship. The glorious news of Christ's life, death, and resurrection must usher us in humble worship.

We will be tempted to give our people what they want instead of what they need. What they want is entertainment. What they need is Jesus. May our glorious savior fuel our pure, unadulterated worship in our congregations!

What is it that motivates your worship? How does our lust for entertainment influence our worship? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments