One Year at Redemption Church

On August 12, 2018, seventy people convened to partake of a ceremony few get to witness. None of us had planned on planting a church at the start of the year. Some of us barely knew each other. Some fused together in the furnace of ministry. Some of us just met a few months prior. The strange twist of God’s providence brought together a company of unlikely companions. We were—and still are—an odd group made up of farmers and bankers, engineers and professors, woodworkers and accountants, boomers and millennials, married and single, wealthy and poor. We were so different, but we were bound together by our shared faith in the resurrected Christ.

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Thoughts on Our Trip to D.C.


This past weekend I had the privilege and honor of taking my wonderful wife Kaitlyn to Washington, D.C. to celebrate our anniversary.  While we were there, we did our best to travel the city like a local.  We took the metro and got to see everything the city had to offer.  From our small town in Wilson, NC it was like walking into a different world.  Cities are the melting pots of our civilization.  Within one car on the subway you can find people with all different nationalities and backgrounds.

I love people watching, and so I enjoy observing all the city folk hurrying along their way while Kaitlyn and I try to not to look like tourists.  It was amazing to me that although the city was full of life and maintains an incredible population, it seemed to be one of the loneliest places I've ever seen.  From the isolated commuters marching along with headphones in their ears to the disconnected homeless guy on the street that everyone ignores when they pass by.  Cities are places where strangers are always near by, but no one seems to interact with one another.  Not saying that everyone in the city doesn't have any friends, but just that outside their exclusive tribe or clique of friends, for all practical matters everyone else doesn't exist.

As we explored a major metro area it makes glad to know that there has been such a recent emphasis on Christians taking the Gospel to the cities.  The cities are a lost place in desperate need of the Gospel.  Evangelical Churches seem in short supply as we walked through the streets.  Not only are cities in need of the Gospel, but they are strategic target areas for the spread of the Gospel.  There are so many cultures and nationalities all in one central location.  In cities, ideas are spread and culture is made.  As Christians, we need to continue to try to reach the cities of the world.  It is a missions strategy that was started by the Apostle Paul.

The apostle Paul would make his way into an urban area, plant a church, and then through that local church Christianity would spread into the surrounding areas.  That same strategy Paul used to spread the Gospel to the nations, is still and effective strategy of reaching our world today.

So be praying for the evangelization of the cities.  Pray that God would raise up men to go plant churches in these tough, hard to reach urban areas.  Pray that churches and maybe even your own could begin the process of sending out a church plant to a city that desperately needs the Gospel.

The fields are ripe for the harvest.