Soaked in Grace Sermon Archive

Here is the audio archive of the sermon series I taught through the book of Titus. The Series is called Soaked in Grace: How the Gospel Changes Everything. All these sermons are found at You can also subscribe to the FHBC sermon audio podcast by clicking here. Feel free to share and use to your hearts content. My prayer is that God would use this sermon series powerfully in your life. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the series in the comments. Titus Part 1: How the Gospel Changes Everything

Titus Part 2: Godly Leadership in the Home and in the Church

Titus Part 3: Discerning Truth from Lies

Titus Part 4: The Gospel Fuels Discipleship

Titus Part 5: Living Out Sound Doctrine

Titus Part 6: He Saved Us

Titus Part 7: On Guard Against Drift