Four Things I Learned at Camp Willow Run

This past weekend I had the joy and privilege of speaking at Camp Willow Run for their Super High Retreat.  It was a great weekend in which God was Glorified and the Spirit worked.  Over the weekend I got to meet a some awesome new people as well. Although I was the teacher for the weekend, God used this weekend to teach me a few things as well.

1. I have Learned that Teenagers can handle deep, expository messages.

I preached four different times over the weekend, and I didn't hold back. I taught them in the same way I would teach any adult.  I stuck to the text and taught them the Bible for 40-45 minutes straight.  They ate it up.  I loved seeing students with their note books out, writing things down and actively listening.  They were engaged as we studied the Scriptures together.  This past weekend reminded me that teenagers need the meat and potatoes of the faith, not just the milk.  If teens can do algebra and read shakespeare in school, they can handle some theology and biblical exposition.  I thank God for these teens at Willow Run this past weekend, because they reminded me that teenagers can handle deep truths.

2.  I have learned to be Thankful for Lay Leaders and Adult Volunteers

The Super High Retreat at Camp Willow Run is designed for smaller churches.  A lot of those churches did not have a paid "youth pastor" or leader.  Over the weekend I got to meet a lot of adults who work full time jobs during the week and love students with their free time.  It was refreshing to see these adults sacrifice their weekend to bring their churches youth ministries out to a retreat.  I can only imagine the daily sacrifices they make in their ministry, and I praise God for them and for their faithfulness in loving their students!

3. I have learned to appreciate the Gift of Hospitality

If you have never been to Camp Willow Run, you need to go.  Kevin Adams and his team are one of the kindest and most hospitable people you will ever meet.  Over the weekend I was so thankful for the love and hospitality they showed my wife and me.  From the great food to the joyful servant hearts, this camp is truly a unique place.  It was my joy and privilege to get to serve along side them this weekend!

4. I have learned to Praise God for my Wife

I was able to bring my wife Kaitlyn with me this weekend.  She is pregnant with our little boy, and she was a trooper.  I praise God for her because she is a constant encouragement and support to me.  She prays for me and walks alongside me as I attempt to boldly preach the Gospel.  She is a precious gift from God, and I am so thankful I get to spend the rest of my life serving our King together.