YOLO, Live it for Jesus

YOLO. You Only Live Once. That is the cry of many teenagers as they tweet and talk about the choices of life. Just as Solomon tells us in the Bible, there is nothing new under the son. YOLO is just a recapitulation of the Roman philosophy known as “carpe diem”, which is latin for "seize the day". YOLO has caught on as a cultural phenomenon and captures the ideology of this younger generation.  As a result, Christian teenagers need to think Biblically about the philosophy of YOLO.  How should Christians think about the phrase YOLO? The thinking behind YOLO goes something like this. You are at a party and you are debating whether to pick up that first beer so that you can get drunk tonight. Should you get drunk? You only live once, so go for it.  Make the most of the moment and get intoxicated.  The YOLO philosophy continues in all aspects of life.

Should I have sex with my boyfriend? YOLO. Should I skip school and go to the movies? YOLO. Should I cheat on that test to get a good grade? YOLO. Should I pull this prank on this dorky guy? YOLO. Should I gossip about this girl in my class? YOLO.

You see, there is a root of truth in YOLO. We do only live once.  We have one chance to make the most of life.  You can't go back and relive tomorrow.  We must make the most of every day. For the Christian though, we don't use this truth as an opportunity to indulge our fleshly sinful desires. We don't waste our brief life on this earth indulging our every desire.  Rather, we live our lives completely for Jesus, and for the spread of the Gospel of Jesus.  You only live once, live it for Jesus.  Don't waste your life seeking vanity, seek Jesus.

Should you open up your Bible today and spend time with the Lord? YOLO. Should you share the Gospel with your friends at school? YOLO. Should you go on that mission trip at your church? YOLO. Should you sacrifice your own wants for others? YOLO.

Should You live a life of holiness and purity? YOLO.

You Only Live Once. Don't was your life on the pleasures of this world.  Live your life for Jesus.