Addiction to Performance

I am doing my best to get back into my blogging ministry.  Prayers are appreciated as I get used to life with a baby.  It has been a wonderful pass few weeks welcoming my son Jude Pierce Deeter into the world, but I'm still figuring out how to get back into the swing of things.  Starting today, I'll be picking back up my blogging ministry and will continue to post around three times a week.  As always thanks for reading! As the first post coming off of a paternity leave, I'd figure I'd share a video I found yesterday on Justin Taylor's Blog.  It is a powerful testimony of a pastor who got so caught up with the idolatry of performance that he nearly lost everything, including his marriage.  Since then, the Lord has restored him and has transformed his marriage and ministry.  As I watched this video I couldn't help but connect.  The idolatry of performance and people pleasing is a sin that lingers and so often deceives my heart.  Check out this video. Love to hear your thoughts in the comments.