Pastor Dad: The Honor, Joy, and Responsibility of Fatherhood

Dads are a big deal. In our society, when we are more confused about masculinity and manhood than ever, we need Godly fathers to step up and lead their homes. Today I'm celebrating my first father's day. It is my joy to be the father to my sweet son Jude. As I reflect on my first Father's day, I am critically aware of the huge honor, joy, and responsibility of fatherhood.

As a husband and father, God has called me to be the pastor of my home. He has called me to imitate Jesus by laying down my life for my family. It is my job to sacrifice and humbly lead. As I study the scriptures, it is clear that a father is to be a mini-pastor over his family. God has given him a small flock of his wife and children to shepherd, love, and protect. In our homes and in our churches we need a revival of Dad's who see their roles in their homes as pastors.

We need Dads who takes their responsibility as the spiritual leaders in their homes seriously. We need Dads who can take their wife and children by the hand and lead them in prayer. We need Dad's who are competent enough with the Scriptures to teach their children and correct them from error. We need Dad's who do not train a bunch of moralistic pharisees, but children wrecked by the grace of God.

At the end of the day I know that God is going to hold me accountable for the spiritual condition of my wife and children. It will be up to me to disciple them, lead them, and protect them. It will be up to me to teach Jude what it means to be a man and what it means to follow Christ. As the pastor of my home, I cannot delegate these responsibilities out to children's ministries or youth ministries.

We need more Dads to grasp this vision of biblical fatherhood. We need more Dads to step up and be pastors of their homes. Dad's, this is a daunting task you and I are called to do, and we are unable to do it apart from the grace of God. Seek His face, press into His word, and have confidence in Christ. By God's enabling grace, may Dad's rise to the glorious honor, joy, and responsibility of fatherhood. May we bring this next generation up in the fear of the Lord, and may our children and grandchildren praise our God and King, Jesus Christ! What greater joy and honor is there than to leave a lasting impact in the world through the discipleship of our children.  Dads, lets get to work and pastor our families.

Fathers Day and My Dad

In a country where there are fewer and fewer good, Godly men. Fathers who love Jesus and their families deserved to be recognized and praised. In that light, I am extremely blessed to have my Father, Larry Robert Deeter. No other man has shaped me into who I am today like my father. In reflecting this past week there are few things he has taught me through word and action that has been vital to who I am. 1. A love for the Gospel

My Dad is a Pastor. I grew up and heard him week after week on Sunday mornings. A message I heard over and over is that our own righteousness fails and we need the righteousness given to us in Christ. He never skipped over this truth or got tired of preaching it. Seeing the evidence of God's grace and mercy in his own life and the humility as he proclaimed it, made the Gospel of Jesus Christ marvelous to this wicked sinner. Through his influence and example I began to see that the message of the Bible is true and the Jesus needs to be my Lord and Savior as well.

2. Prioritizing Family

My Dad is a family man. He loves his wife and his three sons. One of the best things about my Dad is how he was always available. Throughout my childhood he would often work at home and would make spending time with his children a priority. His presence was always warming and welcoming and he always viewed raising us boys as his joy, not his burden. As I've begun my own family now as I'm married to my wonderful wife Kaitlyn, I've learned to keep family a priority over work and ministry. I've learned from him that the most important ministry I will ever do is not in the church, but within the walls of my home as I lead and encourage my wife and raise and disciple my future children.

3. Patience and Contentment

My Dad is patient. He images God well here, because he is slow to anger and abounding in love. He rarely got anxious or acted out of hostile emotion. He is a patient, spirit filled man. He is content with where the Lord places him and is patient to wait on the Lord for His timing and His leading. Somehow by God's grace, I've managed to pick up this trait from my Dad and I inherited it from his example.

4. Daily depending on Grace

My Dad is not a perfect man. He's made mistakes and has had his failures as all of us have. However he depends daily on the grace of God. He humbly comes before the Lord Jesus Christ when he stumbles or falls. He taught me that when I mess up I do not need to run from God but to God. When I fail, God isn't someone I should fear because Christ has paid the punishment for my sin. He taught me to daily walk in God's grace as a humble man dependent on the mercy of God.

I could go on and on about what my Dad has taught me. I've been incredibly blessed to have such a Godly Dad. As I honor my Dad on Fathers Day I thank God for him. I hope that now as I am my own man, I would make him proud as a a man, husband, pastor, and one day in the future, a Father... And Dad on the off chance that you end up reading this, Happy Fathers Day