5 Lessons I Learned on my 3-Week Break from Social Media

I am coming off of a three-week break from social media and blogging. It was a good break and a needed disconnect from the incessant buzz of Facebook and Twitter. Taking a three-week break forced me to really examine my social media usage and learn some new lessons. I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the lessons I've learned from my three-week break.

1. Social Media is a Powerful Tool

The internet and social media are just that – a tool. It can be used for good or it can be used for great evil. It all depends on the intention of the person as to whether social media becomes a productive and edifying tool or a destructive, piercing weapon. It can be extremely powerful either way you wield it. Our sin can quite easily cause us to use social media to hurt others, gossip, or criticize. Yet, I long to seek new ways to use social media to connect with other, encourage people in their faith, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. Social Media can become an Addiction

Social Media is like heroin. It can become quickly addicting. I often found myself overly dependent on checking the social network for likes, comments, messages, etc. Like an addict looking for his next high, I would scroll through my iPhone looking for another dosage. Over the past three weeks I deleted all the social media network from my iPhone so I would not even be tempted to open them up. It was good to take a break and be free from the addiction, but to also rest my mind from generating content to build up the body of Christ.

3. Social Media Connects the World

Through my blog and social media this past year, I have had the opportunity to meet and pray for believers all across the world. It has been amazing to see the ministry opportunities the Lord has given me through stewarding the tool of social media for his glory. I still have a long ways to go in using it properly, but by God's grace I'll get there.

4. Social Media Usage Often Has Sinful Motivations

As I examined my own heart these past three weeks, I learned just how wretched of a sinner I am. I like keeping up with how many views this blog gets or how many likes a post gets on Facebook or how many retweets. It is so easy to begin to post, write, and encourage others not for the glory of God but for the vain praise of men. By God's grace, he has taught me the difficult lesson of fearing him before others and finding my identity not in what people think about me.

5. Social Media is a Ministry

I am more convinced than ever that this blog and my Facebook and Twitter accounts are another form of the ministry God has given me. Keeping content coming through the pipeline is often a lot of work. Writing these blog posts regularly takes great energy. All of this is a ministry for me. It is a joyous labor to serve the church universal through writing and tweeting. By God's grace may he use my efforts and labors for the spread of His name and for His glory.

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Social Networking and the Gospel

Over the past several days, I've done my best to increase my presence on the social networking world. Social Networking is rampant in our society today, and over the past several months I've slowly fell off that wagon. To be honest, the constant narcism of social networking can often be a drag, because there are far to many status updates and tweets that just aren't worth reading. My hope is to better use social networking not for the promotion of my name or reputation, but for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My desire is to pack as much Gospel truth into 140 characters as I can for the encouragement of the church and the advancement of the Gospel. Now by no means will I be consistent in this or even succeed. Don't get me wrong, status updates concerning whats going on in your life can be good and beneficial, however I don't want to find my updates centered around the mirror of individualism, but centered on Jesus. I know how sinful I am and how easily I can become consumed with myself, but hopefully by God's grace, this is not my motive and desire in the age social networking.  My desire is to glorify Christ. In this pursuit of using Social Networking for God's glory, I hope to begin to blog regularly here at justindeeter.wordpress.com. Feel free to subscribe it to your RSS Feed. You can also follow me on twitter @justindeeter. Here is to joyful, God glorifying social networking!