Taking time to Delight in God

If you are in ministry, active in your church, or just a believer in Jesus Christ, so often we get super busy. With so many responsibilities, we get so distracted that we forget to just enjoy God.  Even when we sit down to spend our scheduled 15 minutes with God, it becomes a ritualistic and we seem to spend the time simply asking God for things we need as we rummage through our to do list.  We keep ourselves so busy, that we have a hard time simply sitting down and delighting our God and King.

The truth is so often times we get distracted by good things!  However the very ministry we do for God sometimes hinders our delight in God.  We get so distracted with busyness that we become like Martha.  We have Jesus sitting down waiting for us to spend time with him, but we are so busy and distracted we forget to enjoy Him.  I know that all of us are guilty of this, especially me.

I challenge you to take some time today, get away alone with God with no other agenda but to enjoy him.  Forget the to do list for just a little while.  Read his Word and converse with Him in prayer for no other reason, but simply because you love Him.