God Enters His Story

The history of the world is one big story. It is the story of the creator God who made heaven and earth. The creator made his world perfect. It was an exuberant display of his magnificence and his glory. The creator looked over his creation and called it good, and created man kind as the crown jewel of his creation. He commanded humanity to rule over creation, to fill the earth and subdue it.

However, humanity rebelled. Rather than worshiping and serving the Creator God, they decided to worship and serve creation. The righteous and good God's authority was subverted, mocked, and replaced. However, rather than wiping out the human race, God made a plan to redeem humanity and restore His creation. He decided to do this by entering into His world. God put on human flesh and became a man. God became one of us and walked among us.

You see, this is the miracle of Christmas. It is more glorious than trees filled with presents or a jolly fat man. The miracle of Christmas is the incarnation.  The greatest gift you will ever receive will not be found beneath a tree, but the God-man hanging on a tree. You see, God entered his world for a purpose. He entered so that you and I would become the righteousness of God. He came to restore all that has gone wrong with this world. He came to pay the price for sin. He came to give hope in a hopeless world. He came to bring light into our mirky darkness.

God became a man. The word became flesh and dwelt among us. God is with us. God is for us. Immanuel is here. Praise God that he would enter his creation to save you and me!