Don't Waste Your Christmas Break

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Christmas break is almost here! For many college students they are already on the long awaited and hard fought Christmas break. For high school students, Christmas break is just another week away. For the rest of us, we are looking forward to some time off of from the monotony of work. Christmas break is always a wonderful time, but to be honest, it is so easy to squander this precious time. Rather than maximizing our time off, we spend it in front of the television or sleeping in till 1 PM.  We want to make the most of every moment, as a result, here are a few ideas for you so you can maximize your time over Christmas break. 

1. Spend time with Family

The holiday's are a great way of hanging out with the people you care about. Over the Christmas break, maximize this time with your family by putting down the cell phone or shutting off the TV and just talk with one another. Use this extra time together to build your relationships with one another. Don't let your attention be stolen by lesser things. Spend time with your family and be fully engaged ready for a lot of meaningful fun.

2. Read a Good Book

I always love Christmas Break, because that means personal reading time. With no syllabus hanging over your head and no assigned reading, that means that you are able to read books that you want to read, not one a professor is making you read.  A great way to maximize your Christmas break is by grabbing a good book, especially one that is good for your soul and encourages you in your walk with Christ. For some good suggestions be sure to check out my recommended reading.

3. Volunteer and Give Back

With the extra time on your hands, a great way to invest that time is by giving it away to others. With less demands and pressures, take a day and volunteer at a local mission. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or at your local church. Give your time away to others and show the love of Christ to them as you serve them.

4. Rest

If you are like me, you need to be reminded that you don't always have to do something. Sometimes the best way to maximize your Christmas break is by doing a whole lot of nothing. We all move a little slower during holidays, and that's a good thing. We keep ourselves so busy rushing from one responsibility to the next, and we need a few days to rest. Sabbath is a good thing. Rest is a God thing. However as you rest, be sure you also take time to rest in our great God. Maybe spend an extra thirty minutes each morning in prayer or reading some extra scripture. Recharge your physical batteries, but also recharge your spiritual batteries by spending some extra time with your glorious king.

5. Have Fun

Do something you love to do but don't normally have an opportunity. Go out for a long walk. Pick up that guitar that is collecting dust in the corner. Try out that new pie recipe you got from a friend. Go throw the football around with your family. Go see a movie. Take the time off and enjoy it! It is a vacation after all, so have a blast and enjoy yourself!

These are just four ways you can maximize your Christmas break. Don't waste this precious time. Spend time with your family, read a good book, give back, rest, and have fun. Don't Waste Your Christmas Break!

What are some things you do to maximize your Christmas Break?