Thanksgiving is a Daily Activity

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Thanksgiving is a daily activity.  There is always a lot of energy and encouragement to be thankful in the month of November.  However, for the Christian, thanksgiving must be a daily activity.  We must not be thankful just on days we eat turkey, but every day of our lives.

Why? Because thanksgiving is the proper response to the Gospel.  It is our thanksgiving that fuels our worship.  It is our thanksgiving that fuels our pursuit of holiness.  It is our thanksgiving that fuels our mission.  If you take thanksgiving out of the Christian life, you get monotonous ritual and habitual routine.  There is no passion for the spread of the Gospel without thanksgiving for the Gospel.  
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I am looking forward to enjoying it with my family.   Eat your fill and give thanks.   But more than anything, I pray that our thanksgiving propels us to radical mission every day of the year.  
Happy Thanksgiving!