Youth Week: Faith in Action


I am super excited about an event coming up in the city of Wilson, NC.  It is an event called Youth Week and it is sponsored by WAYNET.  Youth Week is a time for teenagers from across our city to come together to worship the Lord Jesus together.  Churches form around the city a pulling together resources and energy to make this week happen, and I am incredibly excited to see what God will do through this week.  The theme for the week is "Faith in Action", and that is exactly what we are praying for.  We pray that these teenagers would realize the beauty of the Gospel, place their faith in Christ, and put their faith into action.  We are incredibly excited to have Dr. Alvin Reid join us on Friday to train us in sharing the Gospel and  to help us take the Gospel into the city of Wilson on Friday August, 17th.

Youth Week will be at Forest Hills Baptist Church August 13-17 from 6:00-9:00 PM every night.  On Friday, we are having a day in which we are sending out these students into the city and share the Gospel with the people of Wilson.  Here is a promo video me and some of the other youth pastors in the city, who will be preaching on the different nights put together.

If you are a student in the city of Wilson you are invited to join us!  If you have a youth group and you'd like to come be apart of youth week, you are welcome to come!  The event is free, and open to any and all teenagers.  All we ask is if you could pre-register.  You won't want to miss it!  If you have any questions, feel free to sent me a message. Be in prayer that God would work powerfully during this week and that He would get all the glory as we learn to put our faith in action!