Pastor, Expect God to Work Through Your Preaching

As my preaching and teaching responsibilities at my church seem to always be increasing, it can be really easy to find myself forgetting to approach the pulpit with a sense of expectancy.  As you work hard and prepare your sermon, you bathe it in prayer as ask God to use you through the proclamation of his word.  However, it can be so easy for us to forget that at any moment and in any sermon God can do the unexpected.  Indeed, the task of preaching is glorious and mysterious.  Pastor, God is able to powerfully work through you in the lives of your congregation.  I like what Dr. Martyn-Lloyd Jones says about this: Seek Him! Seek Him!What can we do without him? Seek Him! Seek Him always. But go  beyond seeking Him; expect him.  Do you expect anything to happen whey you get up to preach in a pulpit?  Or do you just say to yourself, ‘Well, I have prepared my address, I am going to give them this address; some of them will appreciate it and some will not?’ Are you expecting it to be the turning point in someone’s life? Are you expecting anyone to have a climactic experience? That is what preaching is meant to do.

May we never forget this.  May we never find ourselves in a rut monotony in our preaching ministries.  Through preaching the Spirit raises the dead to life.  Through preaching the Spirit can bring about revival in an instant.  Don't grow weary in your task to proclaim the Scriptures, and expect the Spirit to work powerfully through you.  Pastor, may we  praise God that he has called us to this most sacred task of exalting Jesus and proclaiming the Gospel!