The Unpredictable Holy Spirit

"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes.  So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit." - Jesus (John 3:8) The Spirit of God is wild.  It cannot be tamed.  It cannot be controlled or manipulated.  It cannot be scheduled or planned.  The spirit blows where it blows, just like the unpredictable wind.  In the greek there is an obvious word play taking place as Jesus says this, because the word for wind and spirit are the exact same word.  Jesus is comparing the Holy Spirit to the mysterious wind.

The Spirit Cannot Be Controlled

We try so hard to control the Holy Spirit don't we?  We try to organize every aspect of our worship services so that emotions run high.  We plan out a dynamic change in our worship music at just the right moment in order to try to control the Spirit.  However Jesus makes it clear.  The Holy Spirit cannot be controlled.  He is wild and untamed.  The Spirit does what the Spirit wills.  Our pitiful attempts to try to control the Spirit is like trying to cage the wind.

The Spirit Cannot Be Scheduled

We like results instantly don't we? If we want our food, we want it now.  So fast food restaurants are every where.  If we want movies we want them now, thus the whole rise of instant streaming movies and TV shows.  However the Spirit of God doesn't work on our time tables.  However, so often we forget this and in great arrogance we try to plan a revival.  We set aside a week out of the year and tell everyone, "Okay this week the Holy Spirit is going to bring a revival, so be sure to be here because we have a great speaker and good music!"  The Spirit of God does often work powerfully during those weeks, but I suggest that he does not do so because we put it on the schedule, but because people come with a sense of expectancy as they hear the Word of God preached day after day.  However, at the end of the day, the only way a true revival is coming to any church or people is if the Spirit of God decides to show up. This could be at any time and any place.  The Holy Spirit cannot be scheduled.

The Spirit Cannot Be Forced

So often we attempt to force the Holy Spirit to work in someones life.  This gets incredibly dangerous when pastors begin trying to manipulate people in order to come down the aisle and make decisions.  We try to force someone to accept Christ, even though the Spirit hasn't done a work in their heart and mind to show them the beauty of Christ.  You cannot force anyone to become a Christian.  You cannot manipulate someone into following Christ.  You share the Gospel boldly and often, and pray that the Spirit would come and change their hearts.  The Spirit comes when the Spirit wills, and the Spirit works in whomever the Spirit wills.  It is a mystery of God how and we cannot force the Spirit to work in other peoples lives.

The Spirit is like the wind, it blows where it blows.  We might hear the sound of the Spirit.  We might see the Spirit work powerfully, but ultimately the Spirit of God is a mystery to us.  You cannot bottle the Spirit up and use it as you will.  May we live our lives in prayerful expectancy that the Holy Spirit would bring revival to our churches and to our communities.  The Spirit of God is powerful, and we never know when he might move.  In fact, the Spirit might work in your church or through you at the most unexpected time.  Pray that God would send His Spirit and then wait in eager expectation for the Spirit of God to come in power!