The New WAYNET Coordinator

So as of yesterday, I became the new WAYNET coordinator.  WAYNET is an organization in Wilson, NC of Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders which exist to equip and encourage youth pastors and to spread the good news of Christ to the Youth of Wilson. It is a position that has been filled faithfully for the past 7 years by Jeff Smith.  I am extremely humbled by the opportunity to be a servant of the servants of God.  Please pray for me as I seek to be an encouragement to the youth leaders of Wilson and that God would use WAYNET for the advancement of the Gospel in the city of Wilson. I have been in Wilson, NC for a relatively short time.  I have had the privilege and honor of being the Student Pastor at Forest Hills Baptist Church and as I have gotten to know the city of Wilson, my love for these people continue to increase.  I yearn to see the city of Wilson be transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I long to see the teenagers of Wilson find their joy and delight in Jesus instead of the momentary happiness this world has to offer.  Some say this is a fools dream, but I know that there is nothing that can't be done when the Spirit of God moves.  So I am praying that God would awaken this city to the incredible and life changing grace of God.  I hope that you will join with me in that prayer, and that God might in some way use WAYNET for the Glory of God and the exaltation of His name in the city of Wilson.