A Summer at Pinecrest

Needless to say the summer has been a great one at the church.  God has shown up and put a spark in the hearts of the youth.  God's spirit is moving and maturity is taking place within their lives.  We have done plenty of different activities.  We have gone to Philadelphia, Carowinds, and much more this summer.  It has been an amazing ride and amazing journey. Today was my last official day working full time at the church for the summer.  It was a bitter sweet moment as the last semester of my senior year in college will be starting up.  I look forward to continuing my journey with these kids into the fall semester.  I have been blessed by God by the incredible opportunity to learn along side these incredible teenagers. God has taught me a lot about ministry, people, and myself.  Thanks to all those at Pinecrest for their love encouragement and prayers!