Our Narcissistic Love for Technology

I love technology. In fact, I keep up with the latest trends and I can tell you the latest smartphone news.  You see, I grew up in the era where personal computers and cell phones were beginning to become main stream consumer items.  As a result, my connection and love of technology grew as computers became slimmer and more powerful to where now, through my iPhone 4s, I have the power of miniature computer in the palm of my hand.  We Americans love our gadgets.  We have our Kindles, iPads, Droids, and any other device we can get our hands on. We love them so much that there are massive websites filled with fans dedicated to the seeking out of rumors about the next big gadget.  Our love with technology can border on idolatry, and I think the Bible explains why we have such an idolatrous obsession with the latest and greatest gadget. In Romans 1, Paul begins to unpack the depravity of the human heart and mind.  The apostle Paul tells us in Romans 1:25 that each of us have "exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen." Within the sinfulness of our own hearts we choose creation over creator every time. We don't want to worship God or give him glory, we will just take the things he created instead.

Humanity throughout the history of the world have acted out this terrible exchange. In older ages, it revealed itself in pagan worship of the sun and stars or other things in nature. However, the one creation that we humans love to bend our knee is to ourselves. Humanity, created for the purpose of the worship of the true God, chose to worship ourselves and exalt our own glory. This wretchedness rears its ugly head in different ways throughout various generations, this time most recently in our own progress.

We westerners who live in an post-enlightenment era, where our own intellect and reason is most supreme, worship our own intellect and progress. We love to sit back and stand in awe of our technological progress. We bask in the glory of all we have accomplished and made, including our technology which we cherish so deeply. Here is the irony, we who were created by God to bring him glory instead seek to give ourselves glory through our own creations. We are attempting to hijack God’s plan of bringing himself glory through creation.

Not only did we have the audacity to worship ourselves and reject our creator, but we also have the gall to worship ourselves through the earthly trinkets we make. We think what we make not only is on par with God's creation, but actually exceeds it in prestige and excellence. It is like comparing a toddler's out-of the line coloring book to the works of Leonardo daVinci and thinking that the toddlers work is by far the more superior work of art.  God is the masterful creator and architect and we are but mere toddlers trying to figure out how to color in the lines of God's created order.

Technology is an incredible tool. I am typing this on a macbook and posting this on my blog on a website. Technology can be a wonderful tool but a perilous master.  Are you distracted from your family by a game of angry birds?  Do you spend more time reading Facebook or posting tweets than you do in prayer?  Are you looking to the god of technology to save you from your circumstances?  As you use it, check your heart and make sure that you are not glorifying human ingenuity and progress instead of God our redeemer.  Remember that your flesh's instinct is to worship creation, even man made creations, rather than the creator God.

We are in desperate need for new hearts and new minds! Thanks be to Jesus Christ who through his blood on the cross absorbs God's wrath for our sin. Through the transformative power of the Gospel, may our hearts halt our treacherous worship of creation and may we bow our knee to the true God and King, the Lord Jesus Christ.