The Planting of Redemption Church


This blog post is a personal update to share what’s going on with the Deeter family and how you can best pray for us in the months to come. In the twist of God’s strange and wonderful providence, Kaitlyn and I have become church planters. This news is surprising to us as it may be for some of you!

A couple months ago, I announced my resignation at Forest Hills Baptist Church in Wilson, NC. My resignation there was unexpected and unplanned. Beginning in November of 2017, a strong and public divide revealed itself over my leadership in the congregation. The issues of disagreement were over substantial matters of doctrine and ministry philosophy. When it became clear to myself and other leaders in the congregation that reconciliation in the body seemed to no longer be an option, we decided together that it would be in the best interest of everyone for me to depart. These last few months have been painful as we left a church we dearly loved. However, in the midst of bitter sorrow, God was working things for our good.

After my resignation, Kaitlyn and I began to pray about next steps. We looked towards other ministry positions and began to seek the Lord’s will together. During this time several brothers who came out of Forest Hills over this disagreement, had a burden to gather those planning to leaving Forest Hills and pray about what the Lord was leading them to do next. Soon, they became burdened to see a new church emerge in the community of Wilson that modeled important doctrinal distinctives, such as expositional preaching, regenerate church membership, a plurality of elders, and a centrality of Christ in the work of evangelism and discipleship. They began meeting on Sunday nights for prayer and study.

During this time, another like-minded church, Christ Community Church, was preparing to dissolve. They were a church strongly committed to the Scriptures and faithfully taught by their pastors. However, as they sensed the Lord’s leading to dissolve, they decided to join in this new church plant and gift their resources and assets to this new work that was beginning to form.

All of this has led to the decision to plant Redemption Church in Wilson, NC. The leadership of this new church asked me to stay, plant, and pastor Redemption Church. After much prayer and counsel from other pastors and churches, we sense that this is indeed what the Lord is leading us to do. It is with great joy that we announce that the Deeter family will remain in Wilson, this wonderful city that we have called home. We still feel a burden to reach this community with the gospel, and we are excited to continue that work through the planting of Redemption Church.

We continue to have a great love for Forest Hills, and we pray for God’s blessing on that congregation and for great fruit in their ministry to the community. As painful as our departure has been, we believe that through it, it is God’s good will to birth a new church to be an additional witness to this community.

Yesterday morning, on Easter Sunday, we met for the first time for corporate worship. Much to our surprise there were 96 of us eager and excited to see a new church begin in the city of Wilson. We plan to take the summer and meet together as we formulate and cast the vision for Redemption Church. We hope to covenant and constitute together in August, when we will publicly launch to the community. Rather than just jumping in and immediately starting a church, we want to be diligent in laying a solid foundation for unity that will last for the years to come.

Each Sunday we will meet at 10 AM for a time of fellowship and worship will begin at 10:30 AM. On Sunday nights, we will be meeting at 5 PM to pray and discuss the vision for Redemption Church. We are currently meeting at Toe to Toe Dance studio on Airport Blvd; however, with the size of people and the number of children, we have already outgrown that space!

If you are interested in being a part of Redemption Church, feel free to come join us on Sundays or privately message me.

As the darkness of this secular age settles in on our country, our state, and our city, we need more churches who can burn brightly as lights set upon a hill. We need more churches and new churches who are consumed by zeal for the glory of God and burdened for the souls of their city. We are planting Redemption church because we are a people consumed by the love of Christ and compelled by the love of Christ to reach Wilson for the glory of King Jesus. We covenant together and establish this church because we believe that there are souls in this city that Christ Jesus has set apart for himself that God has uniquely called us to reach. We plant not for us, but for the glory of Christ and for the lost men and women we have yet to meet. We plant so that we might be witnesses, clothed in power from on high to be faithful, sacrificial, and obedient heralds to the life-altering truth that Christ is risen! Join us in prayer that Redemption Church will be a testimony to the resurrected power of Christ and that he would cause us to bear much fruit for the glory of King Jesus.

You can check out the website for Redemption Church at