Reading for Your Weekend—1/22/16

It's Friday, so it's time for another edition of Reading for Your Weekend, a list of links to posts and resources that are worth checking out. You will find both links to stuff I've posted this week in addition to links around the web that are worth checking out. weeklyreading

My Posts around the Web

Sermon: A Father to the Fatherless (Notes, Audio, and Video at the link)

History of the Church: Session 2—The Early Church Father's (Notes and Audio at the link)

Around the Web

Pastor, Mind Your RBM or Risk Burnout - Jared Wilson

Most faithful ministry leaders I know are tired. Many are the good kind of tired — they work hard, stay diligent and productive, and love their churches and ministries well. But many are the bad kind of tired — they overwork, they over-commit, they’re one or two more ministry crises or conflicts away from falling apart. So how can a pastor work to protect himself from crashing and burning? Incorporate the necessary ministry rhythm of RBM.

What’s RBM? Rest. Boundaries. Margin.

The Scandal of Biblical Illiteracy - Albert Mohler

Christians who lack biblical knowledge are the products of churches that marginalize biblical knowledge. Bible teaching now often accounts for only a diminishing fraction of the local congregation’s time and attention. The move to small group ministry has certainly increased opportunities for fellowship, but many of these groups never get beyond superficial Bible study.

Going All-in With Ebooks - Tim Challies

Challies describes why he is converting to all digital books. His thoughts are amusing and interesting as he wrestles with the decision. Although I don't think I could ever go all e-books, his insights are intriguing.

How Pro-Life Christians Honor a Pro-Choice President - John Piper

How can we as pro-life Christians honor President Barack Obama when he supports the right to kill unborn children for any reason up through the age of viability?

Who Would Palin Comparison? - Doug Wilson

A humorous, insightful, and well-written piece of political commentary by Doug Wilson. I'll share my favorite paragraph:

The fourth consideration is that there will be others (many others) who will adapt to the prospect of a Trump administration with remarkable flexibility. Where there is money, where there is power, powerful rationalizations will necessarily follow. The throne rooms of history have more than once been occupied by miscreants and demagogues, and whenever that happens, the number of flattering courtiers does not go down.