Reading for Your Weekend — 1/15/16

Its been a great week. As the weekend approaches, may God give you rest and refreshment. At your leisure, here is some reading for your weekend.


Blog Posts this Week

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Millenial Angst: Adle, Getting Older, and Discontentment

Praying the Psalms: Psalm 16

Around the Web

2 Chronicles 7:14 Isn’t About American Politics by Russell Moore

We tend to replace the word "Israel" with "America" in our Bibles. That's a terrible mistake many well meaning Christians make. Moore helps us spot the danger with a common verse often used in churches every where on memorial day and the 4th of July.

If that is true, then let’s crucify our generic civil religions and our discount-rate prosperity gospels and hear behind all of them the gentle lowing of golden calves, and let’s instead define ourselves not by the generic god of American values. We do not serve that god. We serve the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God and Father of Jesus Christ. The promises that he has made will outlast Mount Rushmore. He is the one who tells us who we are and tells us where we are going, because he’s promised us, in the short term, a cross on our backs, and in the long term, a crown of life.

Why 734 Pastors Quit (and How Their Churches Could Have Kept Them) by Christianity Today

This is an interesting study from Lifeway, overviewing why pastors quit. Better yet, it provides some answers for how Churches can help there pastor. The lesson to be learned: pray for your pastor. The ministry is far more dangerous than the average church member could ever understand.

Three Common Idols in Churches by Eric Geiger

Churches have idols. If you stay in a church long enough, your bound to accidentally stumble over one. You can spot a church idol when a smilingly incidental, preferential item creates a congregational uproar when prodded.

Why I'm Putting Ebooks on the Shelf for 2016 by Michael Hyatt

Ebooks are useful. I pick up kindle deals when they go on sale to add to my collection. They have a purpose, but yet for many of the reasons mentioned by Michael Hyatt, I prefer a physical book.

Programs, Paths and Healthy Church Growth by Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan tends to be a little overly pragmatic for me, yet he gets at a crucial idea in this article. I sent this one to our pastoral team at Forest Hills, because it connects with so much of our own struggles as a church. We are in the pernicious process of moving away from a programatic ministry to a process ministry. Unfortunately, so many churches are unclear on their vision and discipleship process that a myriad of messy programs clutter up the church calendar, creating an illusion of effectiveness.

4 Principles for Parenting in a World of Video Games by Trevin Wax

The digital medium provides great challenges to parents. Trevin Wax helps provide some counsel for parents.