Reflections on the 9 Marks Conference

This past weekend I attended the 9 marks Conference at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was a wonderful weekend celebrating the Gospel and all that God has done for us in Christ Jesus. The conference is unlike any other I've attended. Most conferences today are filled with dramatic lighting, loud and rocking worship bands, and innovative videos and graphics. However, if that is what qualifies as a good conference, than 9 marks conference would have been considered a failure. The format of the 9 Marks conference was rather simple. All it entailed were six Pastors who would preach from the Bible their sermon. When the pastor was done the rest of the pastors would sit on stage and discuss different issues in response to the sermon. That was pretty much the whole conference, one sermon after another. Although the conference might sound kind of boring, it was one of the most encouraging and worshipful times I've ever had at a conference. In reflecting why this is the case, I remembered what David Platt said a few weeks ago at a SEBTS chapel. He said in his sermon, "The word of God is enough to incite the worship of God." The danger many fall into, is the lie that big productions equal worship. Dropping tens of thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and incredible media do not necessarily incite God's people to worship. We must be careful not to worship our technology or professional productions, but to worship God himself. In fact, sometimes a lot of those things get in the way of true and honest worship. God's word is certainly enough to incite God's people to worship, but so often we think the opposite. We think expositional sermons are boring, or we don't want to give people to much of God's word in one sitting. It is almost as if we are trying to protect our people from being ravaged by the Word.

But oh, what a mistake that is. As the Word of God is proclaimed by the herald, the Spirit ushers us into worship. I've experienced this first hand this weekend. I've been devoured by God's truth this weekend. Having the Word rush over me again and again refreshes the depths of my soul and stirs a longing in my heart to glorify Jesus Christ with every fiber of my being and ever second of my existence. In your churches and in your worship services, don't negate the power of God's Word to incite you to the worship of God.

Is the Word of God held precious at your church?

Does the truth of God's Word incite you to worship?