Light that Pierces Through the Darkness

  Within the story of genesis we get to the point where we hear about a guy named Joseph who endures a great amount of suffering.  He was sold in to slavery by his brothers, accused of attempted rape by Potiphar’s wife, and thrown into prison for a crime he didn’t commit.  Joseph is a guy who endures a lot of hardship and pain.  However despite the obstacles, later on in his life, Joseph looks back and states that it is God who places those circumstances in his life and that God used them for good. (Gen 45:7)

The story of Joseph teaches us that the God of the Bible is a God who honors and preserves the covenants that He has made.  Therefore, God sovereignly guides Joseph’s life so that the lineage of Abraham might be preserved and the covenant with Abraham might be fulfilled.  The story of Joseph, despite how wonderful it could be made into a modern day Lifetime movie, is recorded to show that God will do whatever it takes to honor the covenant God made with Abraham.  Despite the hardship Joseph faces, God uses Joseph's suffering in such a way to accomplish His good purposes.  This is ultimately revealed in Genesis 50 when Joseph says, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.”

Likewise God, takes the horrendous events that happen in our lives a uses them for our good and God’s glory.  Romans 8:28 promises that, “We know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”  The God we serve isn’t surprised by any event in our life.  When a loved one gets diagnosed with cancer, or we lose our job, or our retirement crashes with the stock market, God isn’t surprised by that.  He knows it!  He sees time past, present, and future, and God has a purpose and a plan.  He is sovereign enough to take the most evil and horrific events of your life and use them for your good and His glory.

God takes the darkness of evil and uses it to magnify the light.  God has done this all throughout human history including in the most horrific event in the history of the world, the murder of the God-Man Jesus Christ.  In this humanity executed the only perfect man in the history of the world and nailed him to a shameful cross.  In the bleakest of moments, when darkness covered the earth, God used Christ’s substitutionary death to display His infinite grace and mercy. Like light piercing through the deepest darkness, so is God’s mercy and grace amplified in our deepest suffering.

How has God taken some of the worst tragedy in your life and used it for your good and His glory?