Announcement: Forest Hills Youth and the Upcoming Business Meeting

To Forest Hills Baptist Church Students, Last week I told you that the youth would no longer be going to business meetings.  The reason for this is not because Church business meetings are not important, but because they are scheduled on our most important night as a Youth Group in which our whole ministry is structured around.  Last week while we were worshiping the Lord Jesus together and studying the book of Galatians, there was a controversial discussion over "The Story", a 31 week study our church is supposed to begin in September.  Due to the nature of this controversy another emergency called business meeting has been scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, August 24th. Because of the seriousness of the issues being discussed, we, as a youth group, will be attending this meeting.

The reason we will attend this particular meeting are three fold.  First, the youth group isn't the church.  We are part of something bigger called Forest Hills Baptist Church.  It is important for you to know and be informed about major discussions and controversies in which our body is going through.  Second, it is important for you to learn and observe how Christians should handle conflict with one another.  My prayer is that this meeting will be wrapped in love, humility, and unity as we work out our differences.  I am praying that this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to see how God's people deal with differences.  It is important to see this in action.  Thirdly, as a member of Forest Hills Baptist Church you have a voice and your opinion does matter in controversies such as this.  Baptist churches follow an idea called Congregationalism.  That means that each church is self governing and that the voice of the people matter in major decisions of the church.  As a faithful Christian and member of Forest Hills Baptist Church, it is your responsibility, through humility and prayer, to have a say in this issue.

It is my hope that you would pray for this meeting and come Wednesday night to the business meeting.  I encourage you to come and be apart of this discussion and decision.  Pray that Pastor Ray would speak out and lead both boldly and humbly, that damaged relationships would be repaired, that sins would be repented, and that our church rallies together more committed to the Gospel and more committed to making Jesus known to our comunity and to the world.  Pray that Satan doesn't use this as an opportunity to distract us from our mission, or to harbor bitterness and anger against one another.  May we have the attitude and mind of Christ Jesus who became servant to all in his life, death, and resurrection.  I love each of you and hope to see you this Wednesday night.

By grace alone,

Justin Deeter