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Christ Over All: Qualified

 The audio and notes from my first sermon on the book of Colossians. 

Why It's a Good Thing for God to Shatter Our Self-Delusion

We will never see ourselves as we ought until we see ourselves in light of God’s glory.  It is then and only then that we recognize our poor and lowly state.  It is only in the radiant splendor of God’s glory that we realize how destitute and impoverished and desperate we really are.  Why would we want to think this way about ourselves? Isn’t it better to go on with the delusion of self-righteousness rather than to be exposed for who we really are? No not at all, we do not want to be so foolish as to ignore reality itself.  Do we not have pity on those who are blinded by their own delusion? 

4 Ways to Shatter the Super Pastor Delusion

Pastor, the best thing we can do for ourselves and for our people is to shatter the illusion of “super pastor”.  We must invite people into our brokenness and remind them that we too desperately need Jesus each and every day. They need to see that you too are a real person, who sometimes struggle to follow Jesus.  They need to know that Jesus is the only savior, not you.  Here are a few ways you can help shatter the illusion of super pastor not only for yourself, but for your church.

4 Concerns I See with Preaching Today

I believe that the greatest need for the true is the recovery of true and biblical preaching. Much of what is being called preaching today is weak. Simply put preaching is a man standing before the people who proclaims and applies the truth of God’s word. Yet, much of what is being considered preaching looks more like a TED talk than anything we see in the book of Acts. Much of preaching is but as a guru on the stage espousing his own wisdom. This is not preaching, at least not in any biblical sense.

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Nine Observations about Announcements in Worship Services -

We've been talking a lot with our team at Forest Hills about our announcements in our services.  We've noticed and have discussed many of these issues.  I'm glad we are not alone.

13 Essential iOS Apps for Pastors in 2015 - Church Mag

I'm a self-confessed apple geek.  Technology can be a great tool if its used right. These apps for pastors can be helpful, many of which I have in my own arsenal.

Would You Skip Church for Football - Trevin Wax

I've noticed more often that members are attending regularly, but less frequently.  Trevin Wax makes some observations on this trend and emphasizes the importance of corporate worship.

Why the Church Needs Intergenerational Friendships - Joseph Rhea

It seems to me that more churches are becoming generationally segregated.  Yet, when the young and the old separate into their ghettos, the beauty of Christian community is marginalized.  We need to recover a multi-generational church so that Titus 2 relationships can form. This is a post worth checking out.

5 Reasons We Eat Together as a Family - Tim Challies

The discipline of eating together as a family is one of the most important yet neglected disciplines of the family.  Challies gives some good observations for why it is so important.