Jesus vs Material Possessions

There is something intoxicating about buying something brand new. From the smile that springs across our face when we purchase a new car, or how great we feel after buying a brand new pair of shoes, or celebrating the coolness of our latest technological gadgets. It is no secret that Americans love to buy and have new things. Despite our vain pursuit of attaining all things new, none of it really satisfies. Sure you might enjoy that brand new outfit for a while, but pretty soon that intoxicating feeling fades away as you, the materialistic junkie, goes out and finds your next fix as the bill for that plastic gold continues to inflate. We build our lives around the attaining and achieving of material wealth. Our children are told to go to college, so that they can make more money so that they can buy more stuff. Then the infinite financial juggling of keeping up with the Joneses begins as a bigger and bigger house is acquired and newer and more expensive cars are purchased. The reality is that our whole American culture and economy is built around the celebration and worship of consumerism.

However despite being one of the richest countries in the world, we are constantly miserable and uncontent. We also want more, or think life will get a little bit better if we could just grab that promotion, or purchase that boat. Have you ever wondered why this is the case? What is it about our souls that refuses to be content in these material possessions? The answer? Material possessions do not satisfy, only Jesus Christ can satisfy the longing and desire of our heart. The glory of all possessions fail and just end up in good will or at the landfill.

The greed and idolatry of American Culture causes us to easily find our joy and contentment in material possessions. Our souls long for something more than mere earthly trinkets. They desire the eternality of joy, and satisfaction that Jesus gives us. He died on the cross in your place for your sins to unite you with God. Our delight and treasure is found in Him and Him alone. Our hearts are all to often satisfied with junk rather that the creator God who has redeemed us through Christ.

Be cautious and watch your heart that you do not find your joy in ‘things‘ but in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Check your priorities. Guard the check book. Prayerfully watch over your heart. Listen to the Spirit as he reveals inconsistency. Repent of sin. Do not be content living in a pile full of stuff, instead of finding your joy in Christ.