The Greatest Story in the World

The greatest story ever told was not made by hollywood or written by your favorite author. The greatest story ever told is the true story of the whole world. This grand story does not center on us, but on God. He is the grand story-teller displaying the glory of his name in the world throughout history. It is God who pens history in order to tell the greatest story of love and redemption that will ever be told. However many Christians are practically ignorant of God's story. Often we pick up our bibles and read a passage completely divorced from the story line of the Bible. There is a huge need in the church to be taught the meta-narrative or the grand over-arching plot line of the Bible. This plot line isn't just the narrative of Scripture, but the narrative in which we understand ourselves and our world.

Seeing a need for a solid Biblical Theology in the church I set out in the month of March to teach the entire Bible in 4-Weeks. It was a great challenge, but one I hoped served the church well. The plot line of the Bible and the world can be summed up in four words:

Creation. Fall. Redemption. Restoration.

Each sermon in this series centered on one of these events. The following is a link to the sermon audio for each of the sermons in this series. It is my prayer that they serve you and the church of Jesus Christ well as we understand our place in the world and the story of God.

Part 1: Creation

Part 2: Fall

Part 3: Redemption

Part 4: Restoration