A Personal Prayer

I don't typically publish my private prayers. I normally seek to pray in secret. I never want prayer to be a means of gaining personal attention. Yet I know that there is great benefit for the church in learning from how others pray.  A huge encouragement to me is to read the prayers of other people. I typically write out my personal prayers because I do not have the mental self-control to pray silently. What follows is a personal prayer I wrote last week. Its purpose is to help encourage you in your prayer life.  Refresh my soul my Lord. Cleanse me from hidden sin. Cleanse me from my known sin. Purify my heart by the power of your grace. How quick I am to wander from my true love! How hastily I abandon the pleasures of your eternal presence for the temporal things of earth. What wretched sinner I am and how undeserving of grace. Break my heart my God for my transgressions. May I see my sin as you do, as the horrific blackness that nailed my savior to that cross!

Make me a realist Lord to see my shortcomings as they are. In the dreaded chasm of despair may you lift me up to see the  offer of grace. Lift me up from the pit so I may look at the savior and live! May I sit at his feet both now and into eternity relishing in his wisdom, his love, his compassion, and his generosity. How poor in Spirit I am when left in my sin. But how rich I have become as you pour out your blessing and seal me with the inheritance of Christ!

In my ministry never let my zeal be sacrificed on the alter of the familiar. Never let me become so understanding of grace that I become numb to its beauty. I have the extreme treasure of spending my life’s work gazing at the intricately cut diamond called the Gospel. It is my joyous labor to examine, inspect, and discover new levels of beauty to share with others. Although I handle the Gospel so frequently, do not let me become so familiar that I cease to be in awe! Deepen my love. Increase my delight as my knowledge and experience of these truths accumulates over the years.

Protect me from my sinful eyes that takes the sparkling treasures of heaven and begin to ignore the blinding glimmer of grace. As I preach and proclaim this Gospel to the lost and to your church may my passion for this truth be ever increasing. May I not just be imparting knowledge but may it be evident that I rejoice over the truths I am proclaiming!

Create a pure heart in me, my Lord. Overcome my weakness and my stubborn heart. Thank you for turning my heart of stone into a heart of flesh. May my heart ever beat in sync to the rhythm of you grace as I live for the glory of Christ.