News that Never Gets Old

As a pastor it is my privilege to spend my days meditating, pondering, and applying the Gospel to my life and the life of others. The message of the Gospel is relatively simple:

  • You are a sinner deserving of condemnation.
  • God has sent a savior, Jesus, who bore your punishment on the cross.
  • Jesus conquered your sin and death and is the risen King
  • Put your faith in Jesus for salvation

Yet this simple truth has transformed my life. The wonderful life-giving power of the Gospel never ceases to amaze me and I am in continue wonder that I have the privilege and honor of proclaiming this wonderful good news. You do not graduate from the Gospel, but continue to increase into new degrees of understanding of this simple, glorious truth.

Often many of us do not treasure the Gospel but assume the Gospel. We cease to find our joy and satisfaction in Christ and drift to lesser things. Sometimes I do not think we understand the implications of the Gospel we claim to believe.

One of my favorite musicians is a guy named Matt Papa. He is a songwriter and wrote a powerfully perceptive song called "This Changes Everything". He sings:

I grew up in a little town Used to sing in the old church house There in the pew where I used to hide Learned the story bout the man who died Well I was sure I heard that He got back up But as we broke the bread and drank the cup Seemed the faces told another tale They were as dry as the bread was stale

Did i miss something? Was i not supposed to cry? Did they hear preacher, "Jesus is alive"?

If this is true, this changes everything If this is real, I've got to tell the world If He is God, then I've got choice to make If I believe, then I must follow Him

If the Gospel is true, if Jesus really is alive then this does change everything. Our stale, emotionless countenance reveals something about our hearts. Rather than treasuring the Gospel we've assumed it.

The good news we believe about Jesus transforms our lives. If Jesus is alive then this changes everything. When we understand the transforming power of God's grace, the Gospel will never grow stale but grow in wonder as we stand in unhindered worship rejoicing over our Savior!