6 Lessons Learned when I had the Flu

This past week I was afflicted with pestilence. I got the flu and was out of comission for about five days. I tend not to get sick very often, but if I do it typically knocks me out. The unusual period of extended rest in my life caused me to do some reflection while in my sick bed. Here are a few lessons I learned while I had the flu last week.

1. I'm not Nearly as Important as I Think I Am

Somehow I believed that this world would not continue to operate without me. If I was sick for even one day I foolishly thought that all of Wilson would cave in beginning with Forest Hills Baptist Church. Yet, everything was perfectly fine without me. It was a good dose of humility that I desperatly needed. Many times we think that we have become so essential to God's plan that he needs us to accomplish his purposes. Simply put, He doesn't need me. Although he chooses to use me, and for that I am joyful!

2. A Good Team is a Life Saver

The reason that things went so well at Church while I was home sick, was because I have an incredible team behind me. I was so thankful for our secretary Cindy who rescheduled all my apointments for the week or our Worship Pastor Grant who was able to lead some meetings in my stead. Having a great team who is competent to carry the load makes all the difference. While struck with the flu I was reminded the great blessing that the staff at Forest Hills are to me.

3. Technology is a Wonderful Tool

While stuck in bed for about days on end, I was able to get a great deal of work done from home. I was able to send out emails, work on sermons, and more. Technology has truly allowed me to operate from a mobile office as necessary and it was wonderful to get some things done in between medicine doses.

4. Sunday is Coming

The burden of preaching week in and week out is a heavy one. As a pastor, you always have a deadline each week. Even though I felt terrible most of the week, I still had to prepare to stand before my Church and preach the Word. Most weeks it is a joy, but it was difficult to concentrate to prepare for that Sunday's messages. Yet, it is a wonderful labor to which I am humbled to even be called to do.

5. My Wife is Wonderful

My wife Kaitlyn was by my side while I was quartined in my room. From running to Target to pick something up for me or making me dinner, she was a great gift in serving me during my illness. I am a very blessed man to have Kaitlyn as my wife.

6. I Long for Restoration

The irony about last week is that I was preparing to preach on the Fall. Through sin's entrance into the world not only did seperation from God result but also disease and death. Getting sick those days last week helped to wet my apetite for the coming restoration in which Jesus will return and abolish sin and the effects of sin on our world once and for all. I look forward to the day in which the flu will be no more and there will never be a reason to have to take a sick day.