The End is Near

I was just looking at facebook, being a stalker (come on you know you do it too), checking out some pictures of what my old high school classmates were up too, and what I found was painful.  Here is a one word synopsis... Disturbing.  I found the same clique of friends still hanging out together who are miles apart, drinking, partying, and 'living it up' as you could say.  It's sad that they can't get any more satisfaction than wild parties and drinking binges.  They are blind to the reality that there is so much more in Jesus Christ.  My heart is broken for them and I'm ashamed of the missed opportunities to share the Gospel with them.  It must be such a miserable feeling living in the moment completely unaware or rather apathetic to the reality of the spiritual eternity.  It hurts even more to know that this group of people were raised in church and have heard the gospel.  I wish they could see that there is more to life. For some reason this pains me to the core.  My gut wrenches at the thought of my old friends, and my heart goes out to them.  But the thing that feels the worst is a sense of remorse and regret.  I wish I could have made a bigger impact in their lives.  I feel like I missed a huge opportunity to see the love of God change their lives, because I was to hesitant and afraid to ask them the tough questions.  Sure I lived my life as an example, and kept myself separate from their sinful culture, but if only I reached out to them more.  I've lost touch and our relationship is pretty much non-existent, and I am limited to just prayer.  Prayer is still powerful, but I long to have a chance to influence them once more.  Instead I live with the pain of not seizing the day when I had the chance.

If anyone is reading this, do not put off reaching out to those you care about.  You will never know when the sun on the relationship sets, and you no longer have the opportunity to share the Gospel.  Seize the moment; seize the day.  May we live in a since of urgency.  The end is coming; The end is near.