Pray for Forest Hills Baptist Church

This past Sunday the people of Forest Hills Baptist Church in Wilson, NC called me to be their Senior Pastor. I was overjoyed, honored, and humbled by all that God has done in the life of our church. Over the past three years as I have served FHBC, the Lord continued to deepen my love for this sweet church.  The character of Christ is so evident in them as they love and serve one another and our community. As I look back over my life, I see how God has prepared me for this moment since I was little.  In some ways God has been preparing me for this calling my entire life. I am humbled that God could use a wretched sinner like me to preach the Gospel and shepherd his people.  Yet, God often uses the unexpected. He uses the nobodies to accomplish his purpose in order that God might receive all his glory. As I begin this first week of being the "official" Senior Pastor at Forest Hills Baptist Church, I will continue to ask for your prayers.  Here are some ways you can pray for me and for Forest Hills Baptist Church:

1. Pray that I stay close to Jesus.

2. Pray that I continue to grow in grace and maturity.

3. Pray for the Lord to strengthen me when I'm week.

4. Pray for my wife Kaitlyn and my son Jude as they endure the strange hours and demands of pastoral ministry.

5. Pray for the spiritual growth of the people of Forest Hills.

6. Pray for numerical growth as we seek to make disciples of the lost in our community.

7. Pray for the preaching of the word and that the Spirit would move in power.

8. Pray that God would be made glorious through my ministry and the people of Forest Hills.

I cannot wait to see what God will do in the coming years.  May he bring revival, renewal, and reformation to our church as we seek to take seriously the Great Commission and to make disciples of all nations.