Every Day a Snow Day

Well if you are in the south, you just experience a major (at least to southerners!) winter storm. Many across the southeast got to see snow, which is a BIG deal. I always am amazed at everyone's extreme excitment whenever the hint of a snow is coming. Grocery stores get cleaned out and the whole town shuts down for the white wintery weather event. Even in my own heart, I get excited at snow. As so many of you spend your day in a wintery wonder land of snow, take some time to meditate on Isaiah 1:8 where the Lord says to his people

"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool."

You see we have blood on our hands. We are stained like scarlet because of the incredible sin we have committed against God. We have rejected him and gone our own way. Though our hands and lives are stained with guilt, God tells us that he will make us as white as snow.

Snow is a beautiful thing. A fresh snow is like a blanket of white that covers everything. Everything looks clean, prestine, and pure. As the snow falls and covers the ground, it reminds of the innocence to which we all long. Filled with guilt and remorse from the past, we long for a beautiful, white clean slate that covers us.

Yet just as snow covers the ground completly, so too does the white righteous robes of Jesus cover us. Praise be to God that through the crimson blood of Jesus we are made pure and as beautiful as the snowfall we see around us. For those who have their faith and trust in Christ Jesus every day is a snow day.