Making the Most of Every Minute

Time goes on and on. As I get older it is amazing how quickly minutes fade into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks. As the song goes, "Time keeps on slipping into the future". As Christians, how should we respond to the issue of time management? Should we just let the days go by and simply wait on Jesus to come back or take us home, or should we anxiously worry ourselves to death by stressing over our planners?

We Should Seek to be Good Stewards

God has entrusted us with the gift of life. Every breath is a gift that comes from our heavenly father. He has purchased our ransomed and saved us from sin. He has bought us with the price of his son.  So our lives, including our time are owned by God. We then ought to be good stewards of the time we are given. We ought to desire to make every minute of every day count for the Gospel. Our lives are not our own, and our schedules ought to reflect that we live for Christ. For many, this means that the hours spent daily in front of a television or on the computer isn't simply a laziness issue, but a stewardship issue. Those who do not manage their time wisely and get distracted with unnecessary activities do not only have a discipline issue, but a stewardship issue. God has purchased our lives, and so he owns our time. We then must be good stewards with the time God has given us.

Our Schedule Should Reflect our Priorities

As a Christian, my first responsibility is to my Lord Jesus. My relationship with him is of utmost importance. As a husband, my 2nd priority is my wife and future family. Ministry/vocation/school all comes after these top two priorities. My time management should reflect these priorities in my scheduling. We must plan and set aside time to spend with the Lord Jesus Christ and to be with our families. Speaking personally, it is so easy for me to let ministry or school become priority number one bumping Jesus and my wife Kaitlyn down the priority ladder. We must be intentional in prioritizing our schedules. If not, the loudest and most pressing concern will overtake our priorities. If you are not managing your schedule, someone else will set it for you.

Make Every Second Count

We should desire to make every second count for Jesus Christ. In what ways does your schedule need an adjustment? Are you planning time to be with the Lord? Are you setting enough time aside to spend with your family? What do you need to say no to? What time is wasted that could be used more effectively for the advancement of the Gospel? How can you become a better steward of the time God has given you?