Youth Week 2013 Breakout Sessions

CardFront_YW2013 Youth Week 2013: The Search for Truth is just a few weeks away.  Our kick-off night is July 29 at 6:00 PM at Forest Hills Baptist Church.  If you have yet to pre-register click here, it will only take you a few seconds!

In addition to some crazy games, some great music, and some amazing speakers, we will have breakout sessions offered every night of the week. Students can choose which session they want to go to every night to help train them and equip them in their faith.  Our whole hope for this week is to give students confidence in the truthfulness of the Christian faith. As a result, many of these sessions will address controversial issues.  Here is a sneak peak of some of the classes we will have available!

  • What is Truth? - Jeremiah Custar
  • Worldview: What it is and Why it Matters - Chris Dunn
  • Sharing the Gospel with an Atheist - Justin Deeter
  • Biblical Womanhood - Kaitlyn Deeter (Girls Only)
  • Sharing the Gospel with the Life Book - Joe Strange
  • Theology and Music - Chris Scott
  • Are There Errors in the Bible? - Daniel Ritchie
  • Why Does a Good God Allow Suffering? - Daniel Ritchie
  • Teen Pregnancy, Abortion, and the Hope of the Gospel - Kristy Mitchell
  • Are Science and Christianity Arch Enemies?- Jeremiah Custar
  • Apologetics & the Christian Life - Jeff Smith
  • Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? - Brad Perry
  • Sharing the Gospel with Hindus and Muslims - Brad Perry
  • The Christian Sexual Ethic: Out of Touch? - Justin Deeter
  • Sharing the Gospel with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Staying Christian in College - Chris Dunn
  • Fashion and Modesty - Heather Ritchie (Girls Only)
  • Sharing the Gospel with Life Book - Joe Strange

Hope you start picking out your favorites that you want to attend. I'm excited because we have some of the best teachers from across Wilson to teach on their area of expertise. It is going to be an amazing week.  You won't want to miss it.  If you have still yet to pre-register, what are you waiting for?