A King's Generosity

Have you ever received someone's incredible generosity? Have you ever been so richly blessed for no reason at all? This is exactly what God does for us in Jesus Christ.  In the OT in the book of 2 Samuel we are able to see a foreshadow of the beauty of the Gospel in King David. In 2 Samuel 9 the grace of King David points to the grace of King Jesus. David is quite prosperous as king thanks to the Lord's favor (2 Sam 8). In chapter 9, David begins to look for a relative of his friend Jonathan whom he can shower with blessings.  How great is God that he graciously seeks us out! So to David seeks and finds a crippled son of Jonathan named Mephibosheth. David brings him in before him and shows him great generosity "for the sake of his father Jonathan".

Mephibosheth was fearful to come before King David. He was afraid rightly so for the glory and the power of the king could have executed poor crippled Mephibosheth right then and there. Mephibosheth knew of the struggle between his grandfather Saul and David. The rivarly was aware by all the nation, especially in the family. We are first introduced to this son of Jonathan in 2 Samuel 4:4. At the news of the death of his grandfather and father, Mephibosheth fleed with his nurse. The boy was but five years old at the time. From his childhood he lived in fear as David ascended to power. Would David it have it out for him because of his grandfather Saul? Or whould he be gracious on account of Jonathan? Did Mephibosheth even know of the friendship his father shared with David? Knowing this we can understand his fear approaching the throne of the King. Expecting death, he received life. Exepecting anger form the king he received joy. All this on account of his father Jonathan. So it is with us concerning Christ.  We receive all our blessings and rewards not on our own righteousness, but solely because of the righteousness of Christ.

So to are we cripplied in helplessness. Unable to find prestige our honor because of our weakness. Our sin has crippled our feet. Yet God shows profound mercy to us, not through any doing of our own, but through the righteousness of Christ. In this passage Jonathan's righteousness is imputed to his son in King David's eyes. Mephibosheth did nothing to earn the favor of David other than the fact he is the seed of his father Jonathan. So do we receive our righteousness before God.

We receive it, not on the account of our own, but on the account of Christ, credited to us. We share the blessings of God because we to are found the blood of Christ, the second adam. Washed in his blood we too can be found righteous and blameless before God. This righteousness credited to us gives us access to God himself. Just as Mephibosheth always ate at the Kings table, so to will we for all eternity eat with the King of heaven and earth.

This story is an amazing foreshadow of the Gospel, a type that finds its meaning in Christ. Take heart today that God has loved you in lavishing you with blessing. Fall on your knees in worship, knowing it is only because of Christ you are so lavishly blessed!