7 Things We Can Learn from the Life of Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan-EdwardsI just finished reading Jonathan Edwards and the Ministry of the Word by Douglas A. Sweeney.  If you are looking for an introduction to Edwards' life and thought I highly recommend you pick this book up.  It is a easily readable biographical and theological summary of his life.  Jonathan Edwards has been an object of intense personal study the past year, and I am planning on taking a course on his theology this summer.  He has been hugely influential not only in his day but in ours also. At the very end of the book Sweeney lists seven theses for discussion on what we can learn from Edwards' life and ministry.  I list those seven theses here to encourage you to pick up the book and to stir your mind about what we can learn from Jonathan Edwards.

  1. Edwards shows us the importance of working to help people gain a vivid sense, an urgent impression, of God's activity in our world. 
  2. Edwards shows us that true religion is primarily a matter of holy affections.
  3. Edwards shows us the advantages of keeping an eschatological perspective on our lives.
  4. Edwards shows us how God uses those who lose their lives for Christ.
  5. Edwards shows us that theology can and should be done primarily in the church, by pastors, for the sake of the people of God.
  6. Edwards shows us that even the strongest Christians need support from others.
  7. Edwards shows us the necessity of remaining in God's word.

You can pick up this book here.

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