Interim Senior Pastor

IMG_1981-608x456 It was announced last night that the Forest Hills Baptist Church has asked me to step into the roll of Interim Senior Pastor. I am excited and honored that the church would entrust me to start filling the pulpit every week as we continue to pray for our future and look for our new Senior Pastor. Preaching is something I take with utmost seriousness. Filling the pulpit is no light task to me. Every time I step up on a Sunday morning to proclaim the word of the Lord I am filled with humble awe of God, that he would choose to use me for this task. I am also filled with a serious joy, for the Gospel message is an urgent one.

We have several itenrant preachers coming in May already schedule, but beginning in June I will be the primary preacher at Forest Hills Baptist Church. I'm really excited because over the summer we are going to study the book of Titus. As a man who values expository preaching, I believe that point of the sermon should be the point of the text. As a result, the most effective form of preaching is when we preach through books of the Bible. It allows me to avoid personal hobby horse topics and forces me to preach the whole counsel of God. All scripture is useful for building up the body of Christ and I'm excited to begin this journey with my church.

As far as my students go, I will stil be overseeing the student ministry personally. However, the church is going to bring on a summer intern to help lead the youth ministry over the summer. I love my students dearly, and I thank God for their sacrifice in allowing me to give up some of my attention and focus to direct it to the church as a whole. They are a precious to me and I love them very much.

If you are reading this, I hope that you will commit to praying for me and for Forest Hills Baptist Church. God is doing some amazing things in our church right now, and I can't wait to see what the future holds as we listen and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit. Also pray for my brothers Grant Stanley and Nathan Carter as we shepherd the flock of Forest Hills together during this transition.

Pray for me that I might balance all the responsibilities God has entrusted to me and to do them well for his glory. As I am a christian, husband, father, pastor, student, and blogger ask God to help give me balance. My desire is to pour my life out like a drink offering. I don't want to waste a second focusing my life on me, but joyfully pour myself out for others.

Thanks for your continual prayers and encouragements. May God receive all the glory and praise through my ministry. May he find me a faithful servant.