Top Quotes from Christ-Centered Preaching


Christ-Centered Preaching: Redeeming the Expository Sermon by Bryan Chapell has become the modern go-to preaching book.  It is a wonderful introduction to anyone wanting to understand the discipline of homiletics or preaching.  However, where the book is most helpful is the last few chapters, when Chapell explains the necessity of Christ-centered sermons and how to observe Christ in every text that may be preached.  It is incredibly practical, scholarly, and helpful for anyone who feels called by God to preach his Word.  

This is a book that will warrant are reread in order to fully understand and comprehend the wisdom locked in its pages.  However with my first read through, here were some of my top quotes:

An expository sermon may be defined as a message whose structure and thought are derived from a biblical text, that covers the scope of the text, and that explains the features and context of the text in order to disclose the enduring principles for faithful thinking, living, and worship intended by the Spirit, who inspired the text. (31)

Character oozes out of us in our messages.  Just as people reveal themselves in conversations by their words and mannerisms, we constantly reveal ourselves to others in our preaching. (37)

You must know grace to preach it. No matter how great your skill or accolades, you are unlikely to lead others closer to God if your heart does not reflect the continuing work of the Savior in your life.  (39)

You may never hear the applause of the world or pastor a church of thousands, but a life of godliness combined with clear explanations of Scripture's saving and sanctifying grace will engage the power of the Spirit for the glory of God. (41)

The healthiest preaching does not assume listeners will automatically see how to apply God's truth to their lives; it supplies the application people need.  If even the preacher cannot tell (or has not bothered to determine) how the sermon's truth relate to life, then people not only are unlikely to make the connection, but also will wonder why they bothered to listen. (53)

Make sure that you motivate believers primarily by grace, not by guilt or greed.  If God has freed his people from the guilt and power of sin, the preachers have no right to put believers back under the weight Jesus bore. (219)

These are just a few of the MANY quotes I got from this book.  There were to many to count.  I commend this book to you!