Why Would a Man Shoot Children?

Why would a man walk into an elementary school and start murdering people? That is the question that is on the mind of every person as the report of what took place in Connecticut comes to light. What took place today is an absolute travesty. It is a painful reminder about just how deep sin has pervaded the human heart. The depravity of mankind knows no bound. It is no wonder that we all by nature are under the wrath of God (Rom 1:18).

A tragic mass murder like this, especially to children, reminds us that justice cannot fully be achieved in this lifetime. However our sins have eternal consequences. God will have his justice. Every person will be justified, either through faith in our sin bearing, punishment taking, Jesus -- or we will be justified in eternal torment where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Justice will be had, either through Jesus or through Hell. We do not yet know the identity of this gunman, nor his motive, but it reminds us of the depths of the depraved human heart and it reminds us that justice in this life is limited.

Pray for the families of those victims. Pray for the community of Newtown Connecticut. Pray for the churches in that city that they will be a source of comfort and share the hope that can only be found in Christ. Pray for the quick return of our Lord Jesus, when sin will be abolished and God's justice will be made complete.