The Constant Hum of the Internet


The internet is an amazing tool. It is also an amazing distraction. Now, in days when we have the internet in our pockets on our smartphones, the constant hum of the internet rests deeply on our minds. We have become obsessed with checking for likes or comments and reading updates of people whom we really know very little about. The danger is that in many ways we are addicted to the internet.

As a youth pastor, I see this often in the lives of many teenagers. Many walk around like cyborgs with their smartphones replacing their left hand. Many adults do the exact same thing. When you go into a restaurant it is not uncommon to see a family eating dinner together, but all on their phones. The hum of social media and the internet rings loudly in our ears, except so often we don't realize how loud its gotten because we are around it 24/7. This hum is getting deafening and greatly affecting our personal relationships. We do not know how to carry a conversation. We are uncomfortable looking someone in the eye and talking, but far more comfortable with a dimly lit screen and a keyboard.

I am a firm believer that social media can be a great tool and can be used for the glory of God and for the spread of the Gospel. In blogging, Facebook, and twitter my goal is to maximize the name of Jesus Christ in a hum of vanity and narcissism. In our use of technology and the internet, we must always keep our motives in check. As a Christian, we have a mission, to tell the world that Jesus is the savior. The spread of the Gospel is our first priority, and the internet can be a great tool to do that. However, we must not let the tool distract us from our primary purpose. We must not let the internet supersede the reason why we use it. For many, including myself, the hum of the internet has become so idolatrous, it needs to be repented of. For some of us the best thing we can do is to detox for a week. May God help us learn to use the internet as a great tool for the kingdom, and not as a slave master whose constant hums drowns effects our relationships with friends and family.

How do you protect yourself from the constant hum of the internet? Share with us in the comments!